How long will I need to attend for and how often?

The number of sessions will vary depending on the complexity of the problem. Generally people need to attend for a minimum of six sessions. If problems are more complex or if there are a number of issues, people may require long term therapy. Complex disorders such as eating disorders generally require a commitment to long term treatment. After the first or second session your practitioner will provide you with feedback as to how long they may expect you to need to attend.

What should I expect in therapy?

The decision to attend therapy is usually not an easy one, all of our therapists respect your decision to come to therapy and will work with you to provide a safe, non judgemental environment.

The first and at times second session are generally assessment sessions to gather enough information from you to gain an understanding as to what may be contributing to your difficulties. You will also be asked to fill out questionnaires to assess how your mood and levels of anxiety have been.

What is a clinical psychologist?

There are various counselling approaches used to help people address emotional difficulties. Clinical Psychology is an evidence-based specialised form of therapy that aims to understand, prevent and relieve psychological distress and to promote psychological well-being. Clinical Psychologists have to undertake a minimum of six years university training, followed by two years of supervised practice. All of our Clinical Psychologists continue to meet professional development goals, keeping us abreast of the most up-to-date and best care approach.