Rebecca Lewis

Rebecca is a Clinical Psychologist Registrar with extensive experience working in a diverse range of public and private clinical settings. Rebecca has worked with clients who have experienced anxiety and mood disorders, psychotic disorders, trauma related disorders, personality disorders, eating disorders, anger and pain management issues, addiction issues, relationship and self-esteem issues, grief and sleep issues. Rebecca’s clinical practice is based on various therapeutic models including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. As every individual has different needs she believes in tailoring a treatment plan to the individual’s unique situation. Rebecca works in collaboration with the client to assist the client to reach their goals and provides a safe and non-judgemental therapeutic environment. Rebecca works with child, adolescent and adult clients.

Vanessa Gent

Vanessa is a registered Clinical Psychologist. Vanessa undertook her post graduate clinical training at Princess Margaret Hospital eating disorders team, King Edward Memorial Hospital and Alma Street Centre. Prior to becoming a Clinical Psychologist, Vanessa worked as an oncology and hospice nurse. Vanessa has done further postgraduate training in attachment based therapy and Acceptance and Commitment based cognitive therapy and EMDR. Vanessa uses a variety of therapeutic approaches to suit the individual needs of her clients.  Vanessa works with children, adolescents, adults, parents and babies, and families.

Her areas of interest include

  • attachment difficulties
  • eating disorders
  • anxiety
  • mood disorders
  • grief
  • trauma
  • antenatal and postnatal mental health for mothers and fathers
  • adjustment to various stages of parenthood.

Dr. Kellie Jones

Kellie is a fully registered Clinical Psychologist who completed her Doctor of Psychology (Clinical) in 2011. Kellie has undertaken diverse post graduate clinical training with the Sexual Health Clinic at Royal Perth Hospital and the Eating Disorders Programme at Princess Margaret Hospital, as well as having extensive experience in private practice. Kellie uses various therapeutic models in her work, including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, solution-focused therapy, EMDR, and Dialetical and Behaviour Therapy. Kellie has a special interest in eating disorders and body image issues, anxiety and mood disorders. Kellie works with adolescents, adults, and parents.

Danielle Dix

Danielle is a clinical psychologist who has practiced in various inpatient, community, and private settings. She has worked with adolescents, adults, and older adults. Danielle specialised in the area of addiction counselling for a number of years, and has recently completed a year of intensive training in family and couples therapy. While she utilises a number of therapeutic models, she has a special interest in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, which incorporates mindfulness techniques.




Hannelie Scheffer

Hannelie completed her Masters of Clinical Psychology in 1995, and has more than 17 years of experience in private practice as a Clinical Psychologist. Hannelie uses a multi-disciplinary and a holistic approach to therapy based on a whole spectrum of therapeutic models. This allows her to customize the best possible approach to address the individual needs of her clients. Therapeutic models utilized by Hannelie include Hypnotherapy, EMDR (trauma debriefing) and Mindfulness Based Living Therapy (MBSR, MBCT and ACT). She has a special interest in complex trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety and OCD. Hannelie is an experienced International Registered Imago Relational Therapist. Hannelie works with individuals of all ages, including children, adolescents, adults, couples, families and groups. Hannelie provides therapy in English as well as Afrikaans.

Dr. Alison Gomes

Alison is a Clinical Psychologist who has been practicing since 2006. She has completed a Doctor in Psychology (Clinical) and has experience working in several Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services in Melbourne and Perth, as well as adult mental health services. Alison works with children, youth and adults. She has specialist skills in youth mental health, as well as in complex trauma, psychosis and OCD.

Emily McGurk

Emily is a registered Clinical Psychologist who has experience across a range of settings including Private Practice and Government services.

Emily has experience providing assessment and counselling services to children, adolescents and adults and has a special interest working in the following areas:

• Chronic pain and fatigue
• Anxiety
• Depression and mood related disorders
• Relationship and family issues
• School difficulties
• Gender identity issues
• Sexuality issues
• Self-esteem
• Trauma and stress
• Eating/ body image disorders

Emily’s therapeutic approach is to provide a safe, non-judgmental space for people to explore the meaning of their difficulties and to increase awareness and understanding of themselves and their relationships. She provides this in conjunction with practical coping tools to assist with the resolution of current challenges. Emily’s clinical practice is informed by a number of treatment modalities including: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy, Schema Focused Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing.

Catherine Brennan

Catherine completed her masters of clinical psychology in 2011, and has worked as a private practitioner since this time. She has extensive experience working with adults and adolescents, to identify important issues they may be facing, and to help them make the changes they can to improve their quality of life. Catherine is trained in evidence based approaches to addressing psychological issues including anxiety and mood disorders, eating/body image disorders, relationship problems, and substance use problems. Catherine works primarily from a CBT framework, and is committed to building a strong therapeutic relationship with her clients, that enables them to feel safe and supported to make helpful changes in their lives. Catherine looks forward to working with you!

Reception Staff

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