Girls helping girls

Groups scheduled to run Term 2 2019:

  • Girls aged 10-12: Tuesdays starting 6th Aug (4 – 5:30pm)
  • Girls aged 8-10: Thursdays starting 8th Aug (4 – 5:30pm)

Each group will be coordinated and co-facilitated by Dr Suzanna Russell-Smith (Clinical Psychologist) along with Masters-level Clinical Psychology students from the University of Western Australia. 

The group will provide a casual and fun environment for girls to learn new life skills and meet like-minded girls.

Parents are encouraged to join the last 15 minutes of each session for a summary of the content covered.

Suzanna will meet each child individually for a brief meeting prior to the group to ensure that the group will be a good fit.  (There will be no charge for this session for any family who do not continue onto the group).

Groups will be held at Vivid Psychology in West Perth

Total cost (including individual session) = $480*

For further information, please contact Vivid Psychology on 9226 3401.

*  Families should check eligibility for a Mental Health Care Plan which may result in a rebate of $31.65 for each session attended