Grief Counselling in Perth

How we help with grief

Grief is a natural reaction to loss.  There are so many different losses a person can experience.  These can include the death of a loved one, a terminal diagnosis, significant change, the loss of a pet, or a relationship breakdown.  As these experiences vary with each person, it is important for us to take the time to understand the situation and develop individualised and personable treatment.

Am I experiencing grief?

Feelings such as disbelief, panic, anger, sadness, relief and numbness are common.  Grief can affect how we think and it can affect our concentration.  It can trigger physical symptoms such as headaches, loss of appetite and sleep disturbance. There is no right way to grieve, some people will be open about a loss and others will grieve privately.  Grief can last for months or years.

Should I seek help?

It can be helpful to seek psychological support to express grief.  Do you feel like you would like to speak to someone confidentially?  Sometimes people can worry they will burden others if they speak about their feelings.  You can book in to speak to one of our Clinical Psychologists, where we provide a safe and confidential environment that is designed to focus on your individual experience.