School Stress & Bullying Counselling in Perth

It is common for children to experience highs and lows at school. However, it is important to identify when the lows become more frequent or intense.

Some common early warning signs can be a significant drop in a child’s performance in more than one subject, a lack of interest in school, disconnecting from extra-curricula activities, school refusal, somatic symptoms like stomach aches and headaches, and friendship difficulties.

Common problems include learning difficulties, bullying, mental health issues such as social anxiety, conflict outside of school, major life events, and trauma.

It is important to address these issues as soon as possible as they can have significant long-term consequences including low self-esteem and dropping out of school early, or children labelling themselves as stupid, lazy or unlikeable.

Therapy can help identify the underlying causes of school-related issues to determine whether it is a cognitive, learning, or emotional issue.