Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) In Perth

ACT Therapy in Practice

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, or ACT, is a mindfulness based therapy that is effective in treating a wide range of clinical conditions, including depression, anxiety and eating disorders.  ACT has a significant amount of empirical evidence to support its effectiveness.

We use ACT to help clients be able to identify what is meaningful to them in life, and to be able to engage in living in a way that is meaningful.  With ACT we also aim to help people accept the inevitable pain that goes with living.

There are six core principles that form part of ACT:

  1. Defusion;
  2. Acceptance;
  3. Contact with the present moment;
  4. Observing self;
  5. Values; and
  6. Committed action.

The skills learned in ACT can help reduce many symptoms, including depression and anxiety.  In fact, ACT strategies are beneficial to maintaining emotional well-being and help support a sustainable way of healthy living.

Mindfulness is the deliberate, non-judgmental focus on one’s thoughts, feelings and sensations that are occurring in the present moment.  It is a form of self-awareness adapted from Buddhist tradition.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy at Vivid Psychology

At Vivid Psychology we are fully qualified clinical psychologists and have been helping our clients through ACT therapy for many years. We have seen the benefits of ACT therapy improve lives and create substantial change in our clients. We understand every session is personal to the client and ensure our application of therapies, whether it is ACT or another, is seemless and personable.

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