Attachment-Based Therapy in Perth

Attachment disorders can be distressing. It can bring upon a concoction of feels from anger, jealousy, feelings of loss and rejection, to the inability to commit to lasting, meaningful relationships: these can have a detrimental impact on your emotional and psychological well-being. But it doesn’t have to be like that. At Vivid Psychology in Perth, we use Attachment-Based Therapy to explore the root causes of these harmful responses and, in doing so, seek to understand and modify your behaviour.

What Is Attachment-Based Therapy?

Attachment-Based Therapy is a type of psychotherapy, or talk therapy, that explores your past relationships and childhood experiences. The aim is to pinpoint and understand the source of your current unease. A therapeutic relationship with one of our specialists gives you the chance to experience a safe and secure attachment. This will provide you with the confidence to open up, if necessary grieve and, with the help of your therapist’s perspective, explore possible ways in which you can overcome your existing difficulties.

What Disorders Does Attachment-Based Therapy Overcome?

Our therapists understand how unwanted and unwarranted emotional responses to stressful situations make us unhappy. They are indeed an obstacle to a contented and fulfilling existence and here at Vivid Psychology, we want to help you. It is possible you present a tendency towards jealousy or even anger. These no doubt make it difficult to form relationships based upon trust and reciprocity. Another response is of then that of visceral fear of rejection and loss and as a result, try to avoid any form of commitment. Attachment-Based Psychotherapy is a proven, empirically supported remedy for the possibility of false beliefs and alternative responses.

What Can Lead to Attachment Disorders?

First, it’s important to give yourself a break. Recognise the problem, understand that it’s within your grasp to do something about it, but remember: your relational difficulties have been largely determined by events beyond your control. You may be suffering the effects of traumatic childhood experiences, like family breakdown or even domestic abuse; perhaps you’ve suffered a bereavement or have an estranged mother, father or sibling. Whatever the cause, or causes, our psychotherapists in Perth can help.

What Do We Offer at Vivid Psychology in Perth?

It is important to us to build a strong and secure relationship based upon trust, mutual respect and understanding with our clients. In hand, we hope that this demonstrates that relationships can be healthy and act as a foundation for future attachments and further introspection. We offer a secure, caring and non-judgmental environment in which you’ll feel comfortable reflecting on past and more recent events and the feelings they evoke. After this period of reflection, we can work on strategies to modify your future responses to various triggers. You’ll begin to reinterpret events and react to them in a different way, both emotionally and behaviourally, and, thus, build and maintain robust, secure and long-lasting adult relationships in the future. Don’t suffer in silence.