Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

What Is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a focussed approach to counselling that’s designed to address a person’s emotional, behavioural and psychological issues. CBT helps people identify negative thoughts, emotions, anxiety, and symptoms of depression. The therapy also gives patients the opportunity to develop coping mechanisms to deal with the difficulties they’re facing.

Is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Right for Me?

The treatment plan is based on the needs of each patient. If your symptoms are disturbing your life or if you’re dealing with an addiction that’s challenging to overcome, you will benefit from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. The therapy teaches you to identify undesirable thoughts or behaviours and practice healthier skills that will improve self-esteem, manage anxiety, and increase concentration. It’s an effective therapy that teaches you how to relate to others and yourself in a healthier, more positive way.

What Kind of Issues Does CBT Handle?

CBT is a counselling technique that’s ideal for patients suffering from anxiety, panic disorders, depression, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders, eating disorders, behavioural problems, and sexual dysfunction. CBT is also helpful for those dealing with marital problems, child behaviour problems, and anger/stress management issues.

What Can I Expect During Therapy?

Here at Vivid Psychology, we want to make sure you receive the right support to resolve the issues you’re facing. We offer individual therapy sessions, family therapy sessions, and couples therapy to help our patients. Our highly knowledgeable and friendly therapists spend time assessing the patient before suggesting an appropriate treatment plan. CBT follows a very structured approach. Depending on the type of problem you’re facing, we may ask you to carry out certain tasks between therapy sessions to help you reach a few goals.

The main aim of the therapist is to help you identify thought or behaviour patterns that are predisposing you to problems like anger, stress, anxiety, and fear. Once you learn to differentiate between productive and unproductive thoughts/behaviours, we will teach you to replace them with healthier ones. We may also suggest a few breathing and relaxation techniques to help you cope with the challenges you encounter.

How Do You Assess Patients?

Your first session is often an assessment session. We give you a questionnaire to fill out to understand how you’re feeling and coping with your psychological, emotional, or behavioural problems. We provide a safe and non-judgemental environment for you to discuss your issues.

Some patients who’re dealing with psychological problems appear to have a self-critical personal belief system. They often judge themselves in negative ways and consider themselves ‘unworthy’ or ‘unlovable.’ Such patients may experience stress  when they’re faced by someone’s disapproval. The therapists at Vivid Psychology help clients recognise their underlying belief system and support them in altering their thoughts and behaviour patterns.

What is Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy?

Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy helps people recognise when they’re shifting to a negative thought pattern. The therapy teaches them to stop a downward mood spiral before it leads to the symptoms of a full-blown mood disorder.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy at Vivid Psychology

If you’re looking for a friendly, qualified, and licensed cognitive behavioural therapist in Perth, get in touch with the experts at Vivid Psychology. We offer therapies for a broad range of mood and psychological problems like Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety, Depression and more. Call us on (08) 9226 3401 to book a confidential consultation with a psychologist or drop us a note online.