Solution-Focused Therapy in Perth

What is solutions focused brief therapy?

Solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT), most commonly known as solutions-focused therapy, is a strictly goal-oriented therapy that focuses on your present and future circumstances and goals, rather than on past experiences or problems that caused you to seek therapy.

It was developed when mental health practitioners realised that these issues still have a negative impact on patients lives; despite how much time, effort, money and other resources had already been spent discussing and analysing any challenges revealed during therapy.

What is SFBT in Perth used to treat?

Developed with the main intention of helping patients find solutions to various challenges, it has since expanded to other areas of life such as school or the workplace. It has been used as part of efforts to resolve a variety of issues including:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Trauma
  • Disruptive Behaviours
  • Substance Abuse
  • Interpersonal Relationship Problems
  • Homelessness
  • Academic/School/Work Related Concerns

SFBT has significant value as a preliminary treatment, is often a sufficient intervention and can be safely used together with other treatments. It has proven successful in treating individuals as well as in couples therapy and family settings.

How we help you overcome challenges

As a general rule, solutions-focused therapy is used to address challenges where the patient already has a rough idea of possible solutions – even though they may not always realise this. The principle that guides SFBT is essentially that you are an “expert” on your personal problems.

All that our certified solutions-focused therapists do is help you to envision the solution or what a good change might look like. Then we guide you in finding the necessary steps to solve your problems and achieve your goals.

What is involved in solutions focused therapy in Perth?

SFBT is a brief therapy model, as in usually no more than five 45 minute sessions. It aims at finding working solutions or tools you can use to immediately cope with challenges and manage your symptoms; and assumes that you’re already aware, to some degree, of what changes are necessary.

It is also grounded in the belief that while you may already have the skills you need to effect change in your life, you probably also need help identifying those skills and then developing them. This is done by following a basic formula that includes:

Looking for previous solutions (things that have been tried before, but stopped for whatever reason)

Looking for exceptions (times when the problem would normally have occurred, but didn’t)

Complimenting or validating efforts that patients are making to resolve their problems

Asking the “miracle question”

Asking scaling questions

Is this the right treatment for you?

So far, SFBT has been used as an effective treatment for individuals from a range of different cultures, backgrounds and age groups. Research has also shown that patients who used solutions-focused psychotherapy together with other forms of therapy did better in the long run than those who didn’t.

So if you suspect or are already aware of the exact nature of the challenges or problems that you face on a daily basis, and are in search of an effective, brief and evidence-based way to overcome them – then contact us to find out more about our solutions focused therapy options today.