Work-Related Difficulties Help in Perth

Work-related difficulties come from multiple causes including having an overwhelming work load, unrealistic deadlines, job insecurity, remote placements such as Fly In /Fly Out (FIFO) workers, bullying, sexual harassment, unhealthy work culture, management issues, and lack of support in the workplace. Work-related stress is a significant issue in Australia.

As a result of work-related difficulties, people can experience various symptoms including sleep disturbance, exhaustion, anxiety, difficulty concentrating and focussing, a reluctance to go to work, reduced work performance, and low mood.

It can be difficult to seek help within the workplace for fear of breaches of confidentiality and job loss. If untreated, work-related stress can lead to depression, anxiety, lowered self-esteem, it can impact on others areas of life, and physical illness.

Therapy provides a confidential and sensitive space to help you identify how best to manage your difficulties.